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Social capital

  • less than 10
Cheshire Cat
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Threats, promises and good intentions don't amount to action. Act if you must, it is my nature to unwind from time to time...

"капуста", 2h company, advertizing, alan wilder, alice, alice in wonderland, american mcgee's alice, andrew fletcher, anime, aphex twin, arabic, axis of evil, bladedancer, blood rayne, bomberman, books, cash, cats, cheshire cat, chill out, computers, dave gahan, death, demons, depeche mode, design, destiny, diesel, disasters, disciples 2, dream, drinks, drugs, earth, ecology, electronic music, elves, emotions, europe, explosives, fantasy, fashion, fate, fear, freedom, girls, guns, gwen stefani, harmony, hip-hop, horror, images, impartiality, impressions, jabberwock, jaguar, lemongrass, lewis carol, life, lineage 2, magic, manga, martin gore, mental disorders, might, minsk, misery, money, movies, murder, mylene farmer, mystery, no doubt, nonsense, organ, paper monsters, people, photo, pictures, pin up, power, psycho, rage, replay, resurrection, royksopp, rpgs, software, strength, style, success, swordfish, symphonic music, synthetic, techno, through the looking glass, tom tailor, trance, tv, twilight, universe, vampires, web, web design, wonderland, za, амулеты, бабасы, бабло, бляцтво, бухло, вино, казёл ёбаный, картонные дурилы, киндзмараули, кино, лавандос, любовь, мля, нарды, наркотики канабисной группы, невинные радости ))), ненавижу утро, органная музыка, ох мля, проклятья, работа - не волк, роги, сиськи, сумерки, сыр, талисманы, ухи, фак оф, харизма, шампанское - дрянь, ёб-та

Social capital

  • less than 10